About Dr. Shah

Dr. Poorvi Shah is a double board certified physician, in Family Medicine and Integrative & Holistic Medicine for over 20 years. .

Dr. Poorvi Shah was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She earned a B.S. degree at Wayne State University, then attended medical school at Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. She completed residency in Family Medicine at Drew/UCLA and a fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the world renowned Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. She has worked with underserved populations, and in family medicine and urgent care clinics, as well as being an onsite physician at Google’s headquarters in Silicon Valley. She currently runs her own private practice in the Washington DC suburbs.

Dr. Shah started meditating and practicing yoga at age 10. She uses her decades of wisdom to spread her message: to improve health, one must strengthen their values of character, courage, compassion and calm. Dr. Shah’s speeches help employees and leaders work (and live) with happiness and satisfaction, and improving productivity, engagement and a healthier, happier workplace. She has spoken to high school students, cancer survivors, silicon valley workers and university presidents. She tailors all presentations to the needs of each group.

Dr. Shah was a very shy child. In high school, she challenged herself by taking a speech class. Her teacher was so impressed, that he recruited her for the debate and public speaking teams, where she won many awards. She also joined Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), an organization supporting future healthcare workers while in high school. Dr. Shah placed second in HOSA’s national speaking competition. Her love of language, writing, and speaking comes through in each presentation.

Mission Statement: I am on a mission to instill Peace and Good Health in every individual, with the hope that it will spread around the world. Please join Dr. Shah on this mission

We can create a culture that is positive, safe and inviting to all. We can be free of the golden handcuffs by freeing our minds, and without ever quitting our jobs or experiencing burnout.

–Dr. Poorvi Shah


The College Preparatory School, Oakland invited Dr. Shah to speak to the faculty, staff, students, parents and alumni on the topic of “Stress Reduction Techniques and Integrative Medicine Tools During Pandemic Times.” She was a phenomenal speaker! She was engaging and interactive for both students and parents. She spent a significant amount of time answering both general and detailed questions that the audience posted. Parents said they took pages of notes and the lecture was even shared with students away at college. Dr. Shah inspired audience participants to start meditating using her simple techniques. She offered practical tips and tools to deal with stress and anxiety at any age. Dr. Shah would be a wonderful speaker at any event! –Dr. Ali Singh